my name is til jentzsch

i'm the eye behind blickwechsel fotografie

my work is all about music and sports, with a focus on dance, but I do as well the "usual" sports events or occasionally some portrait sessions. 

i can provide the following services:

  • live, promotion and tour photography
  • creation of content for social media
  • event documentation
  • dance photography (indoor,outdoors, portraits, documentation)

have a look at the growing list of artists I already photographed. all my archive pictures are available for sale (digital or print).

i’m supporting local artists

latest happenings you can find on the story page


Member of Gonzales Photo and  Rockfoto




- Photographer of the year 2023 (POTY 23) at Vero/Podium




- Photo 20, Zürich - Single exhibition on the Fujifilm booth "Ein Jahr unterwegs mit The Two Romans"



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